Understanding Pet Supplies
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Understanding Pet Supplies

After I became a pet owner, I could tell that I needed to work a little harder to create a comfortable environment for my little one. I started going through and looking for a great business that could help out, and I realized that the place down the street had most of the products I needed. They were easy to work with, simple to reach and incredible fun to work with. They also had an amazing product inventory that helped me to create the kind of home my pet deserved. This website is all about understanding pet supplies and getting the right items for your home.


Understanding Pet Supplies

  • Helping Your Arthritic Elderly Dog

    12 August 2017

    As your dog ages, there is the chance that they will develop arthritis. You may notice your dog slows down, has a harder time making its way up and down stairs, can't jump up on the bed the way they used to, has a hard time getting in the car and experiences other difficulties when trying to do the things it used to do so easily. If your vet agrees that your dog is suffering from arthritis then there are some things that you can do at home that will help them to get around easier and to help them feel better.

  • Three Considerations To Take Into Account When Deciding On The Right Custom Dog Id Tag

    3 August 2017

    Having the right dog id tag can save your pet's life in situations when your dog becomes lost. You need to carefully examine all the important considerations to take into account when you have a custom dog id tag designed for your animal companion. Customization options available these days can ensure that your dog will always remain comfortable while also carrying along vital identification information should your dog become lost. The following are three important considerations you need to take into account when having your custom dog id tag designed and produced:

  • Identify Your Service Dog With A Service Dog Vest

    2 August 2017

    Service dogs are assistance dogs that have been individually trained to help individuals with disabilities such as visual impairment, hearing impairment, mental illness, seizure disorder, mobility impairment, and diabetes. Service dogs can be identified by wearing a service dog vest that indicates that they have responsibilities and are working dogs. Here are some things to consider if you are disabled and want to get your dog a service dog vest: Service Dog Vest Options: Vest Sizes:  Service dog vests come in many sizes.

  • Designing a Functional Cat Fence

    2 August 2017

    Cat fences will have a section at the top that hangs over the main span of the fence to prevent cats from climbing over. An intact fence can effectively prevent cats from climbing over the fence and escaping; however, any opening in the fence can create a point of weakness. Often it is necessary to have a gate in the cat fence to provide human access. If you carefully design the gate, you can make sure that you do not create a weakness and that the gate will be serve your needs and be safe for your cat.

  • Does Your Horse Have Pinworms?

    27 July 2017

    When you think of worms that can both your horse, the first ones that come to mind are probably strongyles and ascarids. But while these are the most common and serious intestinal parasites horse can contract, they are not the only ones to watch out for. Pinworms can also infect horses. The pinworms that infect horses are a different species than those that infect humans, cats, or dogs. (Their species name is Oxyuris equi).