Understanding Pet Supplies
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Understanding Pet Supplies

After I became a pet owner, I could tell that I needed to work a little harder to create a comfortable environment for my little one. I started going through and looking for a great business that could help out, and I realized that the place down the street had most of the products I needed. They were easy to work with, simple to reach and incredible fun to work with. They also had an amazing product inventory that helped me to create the kind of home my pet deserved. This website is all about understanding pet supplies and getting the right items for your home.


Understanding Pet Supplies

Helping Your Arthritic Elderly Dog

Rhonda Owens

As your dog ages, there is the chance that they will develop arthritis. You may notice your dog slows down, has a harder time making its way up and down stairs, can't jump up on the bed the way they used to, has a hard time getting in the car and experiences other difficulties when trying to do the things it used to do so easily. If your vet agrees that your dog is suffering from arthritis then there are some things that you can do at home that will help them to get around easier and to help them feel better. Some of these things include:

Putting up ramps

You can put up ramps going to the places your dog likes to access and used to access on a regular basis, but can no longer get up to do to their arthritis. For example, you can put a ramp up to your bed. This way, when the dog wants to climb into bed with you like it used to so easily do, it can simply walk right up the ramp. Or, if your small dog used to love to sit on the back of the couch against the window to enjoy the sunlight, you can put a ramp that allows them to simply walk onto the couch.

Get lifted dog bowls

When your dog has arthritis, it may be hard for them to lean their head all the way down to their food and water bowl, especially if they are a large sized breed. You can make eating and drinking time much easier and pain free for your dog by getting them lifted food and water bowls so they can eat and drink without bending down nearly as far as they would normally have to.

Start giving your dog elderly dog hemp treats

Elderly dog hemp treats, such as from RxCBD, can help your dog to experience less pain on a daily basis. Another fantastic thing about these treats is your dog will see them as treats, so they won't fight you about taking them the way they would fight you if you were trying to give them an actual medicine. Most dog's don't like taking medications and you have to end up being quite crafty when it comes to sneaking it to them and then you still have to worry that they will end up spitting it out. With elderly dog hemp treats they will just eat them and feel better.