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Understanding Pet Supplies

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Understanding Pet Supplies

The Benefits Of Choosing A Natural Dog Food

Rhonda Owens

When you go to the pet store to choose a food for your dog, you might be overwhelmed by all of the different options. But as you browse the various foods, you'll start to notice a pattern. Some of these foods carry a specific label: "natural" dog foods. Should you choose one of these natural pet foods for your dog? What are the benefits of these foods over more conventional dog foods? Take a look.

Natural foods don't contain added colors or artificial flavors.

Many conventional dog foods contain artificial colors and flavorings. You've probably seen dog kibble that was, for example, a rust-red or green color. That color generally comes from chemical colorants. While these may not bother every dog, some dogs are sensitive to them. Giving your dog natural dog food that does not contain any artificial colorings or flavorings reduces their risk of having a negative reaction to the food. You have to be far less concerned about itchy skin or an upset tummy.

Natural foods tend to have fewer ingredients overall.

Like humans, dogs can sometimes have allergies to specific foods. Your dog might, for example, be allergic to chicken or eggs. Conventional dog foods often contain so many ingredients that it's hard to narrow down which ones your dog is allergic to. But natural dog foods tend to have much shorter ingredient lists. Many contain only four, five, or six ingredients. This makes it easy to scan the list and make sure there's nothing your dog can't have. And if your dog does have an allergic reaction after eating a natural food, you can more easily figure out which of the few ingredients may have triggered it.

Natural foods are often better for the planet, too.

It's not just your dog's health that's worth considering in this scenario. You also want to consider what's best for the planet. Making foods with only a few natural ingredients tends to be less polluting and easier on the environment than manufacturing conventional foods with a lot of chemical additives that have to be synthesized in a plant. Plus, many natural dog food companies are dedicated to eco-friendly living and use compostable bags, "green" ink, and other earth-friendly practices. 

If you're trying to pick out a food for your dog, narrowing things down to natural dog foods is a good place to start. Consider the benefits above and go from there.