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Understanding Pet Supplies

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Understanding Pet Supplies

The Benefits Of Switching To An Organic Cat Litter

Rhonda Owens

If you have a cat that you care for regularly, and they spend time indoors, you likely have a litter box set up for them to use on a daily basis. Switching from traditional cat litter to an organic brand holds several benefits. Here are some advantages to enjoy if you decide to try organic rather than your cat's regular brand.

Chemical Agents Are Not Present

Since organic cat litter is comprised of natural materials, there are no chemicals added to the pieces you place in your pet's litter box. This means when your cat uses the box and then goes about its business, it does not have harsh additives present on its paws. Since cats lick their coats in an attempt to rid them of debris, there is a chance of ingesting chemicals if litter is transferred to a pet's body when they use their litter box. This can cause illness to occur. With organic litter, this is not an issue at all, so you can rest easy knowing your pet is free of chemical agents altogether.

Litter Does Not Cause Environmental Problems

Most people throw cat litter away with their household garbage. When doing so, any chemicals within the litter are then placed in landfills around the country. This causes a variety of problems from soil and water contamination to the ceasing of plant growth. With organic cat litter, you are doing your part in helping to protect the environment. The litter decomposes without difficulty since it is made from natural materials rather than those that do not break down.

Respiratory Difficulties Are No Longer Present

If your cat, another pet in your household, or a family member suffers from respiratory problems, switching from a traditional cat litter to a natural one can aid in easing up breathing troubles. Traditional cat litter is made in a way where scented chemical agents are added to the clay to help mask odors. They are also fine in consistency, which leads to an abundance of dust being kicked out of a litter box any time a cat decides to use it. Organic cat litter uses only natural ingredients, including some that aid in odor elimination without harsh chemicals to do the job. This type of litter also does not emit fine dust when it is moved around, which helps to keep respiratory problems from happening when your cat uses their box. 

For more info about organic cat litter, contact a local company.