Understanding Pet Supplies
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Understanding Pet Supplies

After I became a pet owner, I could tell that I needed to work a little harder to create a comfortable environment for my little one. I started going through and looking for a great business that could help out, and I realized that the place down the street had most of the products I needed. They were easy to work with, simple to reach and incredible fun to work with. They also had an amazing product inventory that helped me to create the kind of home my pet deserved. This website is all about understanding pet supplies and getting the right items for your home.


Understanding Pet Supplies

Designing a Functional Cat Fence

Rhonda Owens

Cat fences will have a section at the top that hangs over the main span of the fence to prevent cats from climbing over. An intact fence can effectively prevent cats from climbing over the fence and escaping; however, any opening in the fence can create a point of weakness. Often it is necessary to have a gate in the cat fence to provide human access. If you carefully design the gate, you can make sure that you do not create a weakness and that the gate will be serve your needs and be safe for your cat.

A Bar Around Openings

If there is space between your gate on the bar the latch connects to, cats can try to squeeze through this opening to escape the enclosure. If the opening is not quite wide enough to allow cats to escape, they can still try to squeeze through and end up getting stuck in the opening and/or hurting themselves as they try to squeeze through.

Thus, you should place a bar in the opening that will open with the gate so that it does not impede the motion of the gate, but will still be solid enough to prevent cats from squeezing through. 

Width and Height

When you design your gate, you need to think about how you will need to access the enclosure. If, for example, you will only need to access the enclosure to feed or clean up after your cats, then a three-foot opening should be more than enough. On the other hand, if you will need to access the enclosure for snow removal or landscaping, you will need to think about what kind of equipment you will need to use.

For example, a snowblower or wheelbarrow may be too wide to fit through a three-foot opening, so looking for a wider gate will provide better access.

Similarly, you need to think about height. Some gates will not extend to the top of your fence. However, if you have a fence around your whole yard, and you want to park an RV in your hard, you will need an opening wide and tall enough to allow the RV through. 

Carefully analyze how you plan to access your cat enclosure. You can choose a fence with the right design and dimensions to provide the access you need. A little forethought will ensure that your fence serves your needs for years to come.