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Understanding Pet Supplies

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Understanding Pet Supplies

Three Considerations To Take Into Account When Deciding On The Right Custom Dog Id Tag

Rhonda Owens

Having the right dog id tag can save your pet's life in situations when your dog becomes lost. You need to carefully examine all the important considerations to take into account when you have a custom dog id tag designed for your animal companion.

Customization options available these days can ensure that your dog will always remain comfortable while also carrying along vital identification information should your dog become lost. The following are three important considerations you need to take into account when having your custom dog id tag designed and produced:


When it comes to keeping your dog safe and finding your dog in emergencies, information is the most important thing to consider. 

These days, the most basic piece of information that a dog id tag should have to maximize the chances that anyone who finds your dog will easily locate you is a cell phone number. With a mere cell phone number, you'll probably be contacted fairly soon should your dog be found after becoming lost or running away.

Additionally, you may consider including your name and address. However, your telephone number- especially your cell phone number- is probably the most important piece of information to list.

It's probably not a good idea to include information about your dog's pedigree or name on the tag because this information could allow or entice others to acquire possession of your pet. 


The comfort of your dog's id tag is going to depend on its size and weight. If your dog finds an id tag uncomfortable, your dog may try to remove his or her collar. This could cause a lot of problems should your dog become lost.

Any plastic dog tag is likely to be lightweight and comfortable, but there are durability considerations to take into account when considering a plastic tag. Metal tags can be designed to be extremely lightweight, but some larger metal tags might weigh enough to raise comfort considerations. 

Of course, the size of your dog is important to take into account. A smaller dog needs a more lightweight tag while a larger dog can handle a bulkier and heavier tag. 


Generally speaking, you're probably going to need to decide between plastic and metal when it comes to material. Plastic tags can be designed to be durable enough to function effectively, but you should look for thick ABS plastic materials rather than low quality plastic that offers less durability.

A lightweight metal to consider for dog tags is aluminum, which can offer durability and comfort at the same time.