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Understanding Pet Supplies

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Understanding Pet Supplies

Food And Sleep—The Keys To Your English Bulldog's Heart This Christmas

Rhonda Owens

Parenting an English bulldog is not a simple task. While smart, the breed can be stubborn at times. Thankfully, English bulldogs are also incredibly loving, fun, and full of character, so they make great family members. Since you will want to shower your family with love on Christmas, your bulldog will also need a few presents under the tree. Here are a few fun, healthy, and functional gifts to consider for your English bulldog's Christmas.

Treats and Chews

Bulldogs love to eat, but they have sensitive stomachs, so you should only feed your dog treats occasionally.

Dog treats that are free of gains are best, since many bulldogs have skin and coat issues which are aggravated by grains. Also, small pieces of carrots and apples are great for your dog to eat occasionally. Make sure to give your dog fresh fruits and vegetables only, because there is a great deal of unhealthy sodium in canned and frozen products.

Lastly, invest in a large jar of organic peanut butter for your bulldog. Avoid sugar-free peanut butter, which contains artificial sweeteners that are toxic to dogs. Smear a teaspoon of peanut butter on a chew toy and watch them enjoy the treat for hours.

Rawhide is not ideal for English bulldogs, since the bone-like material can splinter off and irritate their esophagus and stomach. Consider antlers, which are thicker and more durable. In addition to being safer to chew, as compared to rawhide pieces, antlers help clean food and plaque off your dog's teeth.


English bulldogs love to sleep, as well. When they are not sleeping, they love lounging in a comfortable, warm spot. This Christmas, invest in a good-quality bed for your bulldog.

Bolster dog beds feature a cushion that works similar to an arm rest. This added cushion allows your bulldog to prop their head or legs up while lounging.

If your bulldog tends to curl up while sleeping, opt for a round, cushiony bed. Avoid buying a bed that is too small, since you will want your dog to use the bed for a few years. However, do not buy a bed so big that your bulldog will not be able to cuddle into the cushions.

To ensure your English bulldog has a fulfilling and relaxing Christmas, consider one or more of these gift ideas. From healthy treats and fun chews to a soft and functional bed, your English bulldog will have a the keys to a great Christmas. For more information talk to companies like perfectpetchews.com.